Rehearsal 7/6/18

Welcome back after half term!

The Day is Done – long phrases, stagger breathing sing words ignore bar lines. Sops look out for top of p5 no breath bar 12 or 20 emphasise sadness bar 26 Don’t get stuck in the minims bar 119 onwards – they’re not slow. Stagger to the end!

Luminous Night of the Soul p37 be careful not to turn them into duplet crotches rather than triplet. P48 crest continuously!

P16 Love the words! Gap before letter F. At F words again. At bar 138 turn immediately

Haydn p42 sing through notes but keep them short. Sops sing through the top Bflat! P87 just a crotchet bar 8

Silver Swan make sure you keep the pulse. Now needs more relaxation in the tricky rhythms so they sound more natural. Dynamic level down, ensemble in each choir

P16 choir 1 bar49-52 one phrase

Haydn p112 all done! Phew!

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