Rehearsal 10/5/18


Starting at the top! Nice and light and skippy from 13. From 79, make sure you bring out the tune with mf whenever you have it. Sing through 143 and 145 with a break 147.

Gloria. A & B take a slight break in 31 and 24 to take next phrase in time. From p24 make sure you accent glo ri fi ca but not too stodgy. Very careful on the interval going into 203. Remember this gets increasingly tricky from p45 so you may want to check the notes of the runs if you’re not sure. From p45 make sure “in Gloria dei” phrase comes out more clearly than amen counter melodies

@@data protection special@@

Make sure you complete the form and send it back in ASAP. The law changes on the 25th May!

Luminous night of the soul – second half..

make sure you get the triplet rhythm whenever you have it!

High flight from p.7

And then all the way through. Should know the notes in this now.

Next week we’ll have a crack at silver swan. You might want to have a look at that in the interim.

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