Rehearsal 3/5/18


Benedictus p.92

Basses remember misprint in 39 should be Eb. Drop the volume a little in 112 to give the phrase room to grow.

Agnus. P.106

Straight through and then back to work through from the beginning. Quite slow moving so don’t cut the crochets short. Nb total contrast in style and pace going into 47. Watch entry note in p.119 and make it nice and secure and confident. Tricky notes through p. 101 as well!

Luminous night of the soul

Run through quite good actually! Nice piece. P.28 sops sing “Mmm” where there are no words. NB tempo increase in 27. Key change in 120 is quite tricky.

The day is done – Stephen Paulus.

Don’t let the bar lines get in the way of the phrasing. Sing through like plainsong.

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