Rehearsal 26/4/18


Credo p.55. Lots of shape throughout. Comma no breaths in 19 and 22. Breathe in 21. mp from 39. Back to f in 54. Start softly in 178 and cresc. to 180… markings in accomp. mp from 287 and cresc. through to 292. Cresc in 315 and 326. Pull back speed in last 2 bars.

Sanctus. P87. Don’t breathe mid phrase in first two lines. Crochet rest in 39.

Benedictus. P92. Basses misprint in 39; last note is Eb

High flight.

Lux aeterna-Elgar

Bit tricky really! “Full blooded singing ladies” Lots of swapping around of the tune.

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