Rehearsal 12/10/17

Ave Maria-Biebl

Basses watch out in 34.

Ave Maria-Bruckner

Was rather sloppy in the first attempt. Have a look at this if you’re not sure

Bogorodistye Dyevo- Rachmaninov

Make it mega Russian!

Ave Maria-Dubra

From p7 alto and bass; slight break but not a wait after each “sancta”. We’re now doing this a lot faster than we were so watch out for that.

Totus tuus

Libera me.

First half stuff…

Veni Sanctus.

Ok there are some really dodgy bits in this. The phrases themselves are not natural and need to be learned through practise. Anything you’re not sure about really needs looking at at home!!

Christus qui lux es et dies

Pretty shabby. Really need to check your notes so that you can look up and watch the beat and keep up.


Rehearsal 5/10/17

Ave Maria- Brueckner

Ave Maria- Dubra

Sops: sing through last note of p2 to 3 bar and tenors extend top of 3 through to Domine. Slight break at end of middle line p6 

Libera Me- Bardos 

Totus tuus 

Ave Maria-Biebl


Rehearsal 21/9/17


Te Lucis-Tallis

Gents only v. 1&3 Amen only in v3

Ave Maria Stella

This needs looking at; nowhere near as innocuous as it looks and well worth note bashing on a piano! Typos in 16. C# in sop and error in alto. V2&6 are SAB and v4&7 are STB. V.1,3,5,7 plainsong sops. NB no v7 harmony. 

Ubi Caritas

Veni Sancte Spiritus 

Please practise your rising alleluia phrases so that they just come really naturally! 


Rehearsal 14/9

White-Christe, qui lux es et dies. 

Focus on a really nice sound throughout. It’s not too hard so make sure it’s great quality! 

Dubra-Veni Sancte Spiritu 

Focussing pm the second half… 


Rehearsal 7/9/17

Welcome back everyone. Hope you all had a great summer whatever you were up to. 

Veni sanctus.

We have done this before quite a while ago! 

148 & 150; make this nice and bright. Very short time to tune first not so make sure you have it before you start singing it. Note the cresc right through from 170-174. And then again from 176 to end. Note the rit in 182. From 112; dance like. Staccato used to emphasise Synchopation. From 98, lower parts make sure you have nice clean breaks. We’ll be given a C for entry at 129.  

From 54, tenors were lovely! From 62, start p and cresc from there. T&B watch your venis; all slightly different shapes! 

Ubi Caritas. 

A reasonably rough sing through. 


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