Rehearsal 7/6/18

Welcome back after half term!

The Day is Done – long phrases, stagger breathing sing words ignore bar lines. Sops look out for top of p5 no breath bar 12 or 20 emphasise sadness bar 26 Don’t get stuck in the minims bar 119 onwards – they’re not slow. Stagger to the end!

Luminous Night of the Soul p37 be careful not to turn them into duplet crotches rather than triplet. P48 crest continuously!

P16 Love the words! Gap before letter F. At F words again. At bar 138 turn immediately

Haydn p42 sing through notes but keep them short. Sops sing through the top Bflat! P87 just a crotchet bar 8

Silver Swan make sure you keep the pulse. Now needs more relaxation in the tricky rhythms so they sound more natural. Dynamic level down, ensemble in each choir

P16 choir 1 bar49-52 one phrase

Haydn p112 all done! Phew!


Rehearsal 24/5/18


Credo p.77 to start. Make sure you use the commas to help prevent rushing.

Sanctus starts very adagio. Crochet rest added in 39.

Benedictus. Just 1 quaver fz in 38-9. Nut in 49 sustain the fz for the whole phrase. Alt and ten cresc. to fz in 104.

Silver swan

After working through we started practising unaccompanied. Biggest problem is keeping everyone together and tuneful. It’s very delicate and light but we’re making heavy and laboured (slow)

Luminous night of the soul.

Worked through this a lot as well.

So half term next week but remember we only have 3 weeks left afterwards!


Rehearsal 17/5/18

Sitting in dove positions!

Silver swan-Chilcott

First we looked at the original by Orlando gibbons to get a feel for the inspiration.

No break in 22 for Choir II.

Managed to bash our way right through and after a lot of work it was sounding quite coherent by the end.

Lux Aeterna- Elgar

Credo p.55- Yylide the “x” into aeterna. Sops watch the synchopation top of 3.

If that was a bit tricky then you need to work on it for next week.


Rehearsal 10/5/18


Starting at the top! Nice and light and skippy from 13. From 79, make sure you bring out the tune with mf whenever you have it. Sing through 143 and 145 with a break 147.

Gloria. A & B take a slight break in 31 and 24 to take next phrase in time. From p24 make sure you accent glo ri fi ca but not too stodgy. Very careful on the interval going into 203. Remember this gets increasingly tricky from p45 so you may want to check the notes of the runs if you’re not sure. From p45 make sure “in Gloria dei” phrase comes out more clearly than amen counter melodies

@@data protection special@@

Make sure you complete the form and send it back in ASAP. The law changes on the 25th May!

Luminous night of the soul – second half..

make sure you get the triplet rhythm whenever you have it!

High flight from p.7

And then all the way through. Should know the notes in this now.

Next week we’ll have a crack at silver swan. You might want to have a look at that in the interim.


Rehearsal 3/5/18


Benedictus p.92

Basses remember misprint in 39 should be Eb. Drop the volume a little in 112 to give the phrase room to grow.

Agnus. P.106

Straight through and then back to work through from the beginning. Quite slow moving so don’t cut the crochets short. Nb total contrast in style and pace going into 47. Watch entry note in p.119 and make it nice and secure and confident. Tricky notes through p. 101 as well!

Luminous night of the soul

Run through quite good actually! Nice piece. P.28 sops sing “Mmm” where there are no words. NB tempo increase in 27. Key change in 120 is quite tricky.

The day is done – Stephen Paulus.

Don’t let the bar lines get in the way of the phrasing. Sing through like plainsong.


Rehearsal 26/4/18


Credo p.55. Lots of shape throughout. Comma no breaths in 19 and 22. Breathe in 21. mp from 39. Back to f in 54. Start softly in 178 and cresc. to 180… markings in accomp. mp from 287 and cresc. through to 292. Cresc in 315 and 326. Pull back speed in last 2 bars.

Sanctus. P87. Don’t breathe mid phrase in first two lines. Crochet rest in 39.

Benedictus. P92. Basses misprint in 39; last note is Eb

High flight.

Lux aeterna-Elgar

Bit tricky really! “Full blooded singing ladies” Lots of swapping around of the tune.


Rehearsal 19/4/18



E ley son” throughout (not e ley i son) watch dynamics. Sips take a breath in 43. mp in 60 and f in 64. Tune the dynamics depending whether you have the tune or not. Rit in 113 a tempo 118.


Slightly Stacc terra pax. Lots of other marcato bits as well. Spent a lot of time on the Vivalto bit.

High flight.

Had a good work through this and was sounding reasonably fluent by the end.


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