Rehearsal 8/2/18

The bird of dawning. Silver p.62

When that I was a little tiny boy. Silver p.72

Ok this was pretty rubbish definitely needs looking at carefully. After we went through it again and got a feel for it wasn’t too bad but definitely needs looking to again. Don’t forget the accelerando on the last page.

Hymn for st cecilia.

Check all the different intervals “song for the morning”. Section from p15 needed quite a bit checking pitch and harmonies.

Dove –

1. Invocation. Very dodgy. Should know this by now.

2. The Narrow Budsnot so good on the first attempt. After a lot of work it sounded quite a bit better.

And then into Answer July which wasn’t perfect but did at least flow!


Rehearsal 2/2/18

The road not taken

Few boys with slightly dodgy tone but generally ok!

Dove – Ring out wild bells.

Fort run through was a pretty dire but we did end together!

Dove – Answer July.

Moving to 2 in a bar now you know it. Took quite a bit of work but definitely had the flow by the end

Dove – hot sun, cool fire.

Well this ones a bit pitchy. Tricky finding and holding your note whatever you’re singjng. Unless you’re in a break of course 😉

After learning this we sang on through the others to the end. Then went back to the very beginning!

Dove-the narrow bud opens her beauties

Not that hard really but sounds pretty weird. Worth going through with the recording and music 🙂



Rehearsal 25/1/18

Warm ups with semitones clashes

Working backwards tonight!!

Jonathan Dove Ring Out Wild Bells

starting p53 fig 60 to the end look at the lay out. 12/8 so sorted crotchets just one beat. Typo bar 128 should be ‘wars’ not years don’t be late bar 129

Bar 40 dotted crochet rest added please bar 45 separate and let him die

P52 fig 58 dynamics choir 1 has melody

P50 fig 56 choir 2 has melody

P48 Fig 54 choir 1 has melody


Tricky rhythms!

Quaver rest end of bar 14 and 16

She walks in beauty

Rubato bar 37

Now sleeps the crimson petal

Everyone cresc bar 56

Loves philosophy

Bring Lauridson next week


Rehearsal 18/1/18


5. Ah sunflower.

Quick revision from last time. Note there is a replacement page 34 going round due to a major misprint.

6. Adieu farewell earths bliss

Some challenging sight reason here. Gotchas in the rhythm and the more patterns not to mention clashes between parts.

3. Answer July

As someone who missed this last week…. what the heck?

Archer-hymn for St Cecilia

Spent a good while working through this and learning the notes and form.


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