Rehearsal 22/6/17

And so it goes. 

Very nice. Couple of places to check the exact rhythm though; not quite what you think at first and must be exact (and together!)

Draw in sweet night. 

Altos and T2 watch  32: synchopated! Not bad but worth checking if you don’t know it! 


Kyrie: hmm not perfect! Watch the cresc. In 147

Gloria: watch notes on page turn 25-26. We had to check every part and none were 100%. Same for 137

Credo: good fun. Watch that tricky rhythm at the end! 

And all the way through to the end…. a few bits to check but too frantic to note! Check page turn 79-80.

The Blue bird. 

No separation before the start of “below the hill” but during! 


Rehearsal in blue 15/6/17

Benedictus. Few bits that needed tidying up and well come back to check dynamics another time. Not bad! 

Sanctus. So there were a few dodgy notes in here but again pretty lush and definitely getting there. 

Agnus Dei. Yes so this needed a bit more work. Quite tricky to get the phrases and the underlay right together. 

Credo. Watch bar 34 and 142 Fb and E. also bar 63.

Don’t fence me in. Don’t breathe after please in 24

Pastime with good company

Oh Danny boy. V2. Start pp but build in each section to cresc. in 13 then back down for the end. 

We’re not going to be doing the goslings; we haven’t got time to practise and we’ve plenty of material already! 


Blue Rehearsal 8/6/17

Mass in Blue

Straight in with the Kyrie… ran through ok but pretty messy. Don’t miss the massive slow down in 161. Make sure you don’t lose pitch in this phrase from 161. Make sure you get the synchopated crochet every single time e.g. in 139

Gloria… started quite well: don’t slow down on the minim in 18; it’s only one triplet so keep it flowing. Make sure you accent your rising note in 34

Credo…there’s quite a lot of dodgy pitching in this one. Might be worth doing some note bashing until you’re secure on the intervals and clashes etc. 

We spent quite a lot of time on the notes and rhythm and it was sounding pretty good by the end. 

…and then we had an early finish for a bit of a celebration. There’s a picture clue 😉 


Rehearsal 25/5/17

Pa, ga, ma, ha, fa, getting diaphragms working tonight!!!

Mass in Blue 

P71 Notice key, accompaniment mostly to soloist. Lots of dynamics P75 not too long on nobis bar 67. Sang through mvt.

Draw on sweet night

Sang through. Careful p9 watch out for passages ending in F# in one part, starting F in another part. Follow shape of phrasing, sing in lines, be a soloist!! All phrases right to the end.  Look out for accidentals!

Danny Boy

Sung through Careful of phrasing

Yankee Doodle

Sung through, quite well remembered! Careful of all the key changes!

The Shower

Def. unison F end of bar 7 Look out for tempo instructions p3


Rehearsal notes 18/5/17

New starting game confused everyone! 1…6…1…4..1…5…1!  Then a bit of Star Trek!

Mass in Blue tonight 

P56 Benedictus sight sung through, careful of rhythm fig.73 as it’s back to straight. bar 121 is 3/4.

P49 Sanctus  no breath bar 16 into 17. Tenors you are lower note bar 26. Look out for page turn 5152. Bar 50 sub. pcareful bar 65 

P28 Credo remember it’s in triplets. Spent some time looking through different sections. Careful of accidentals.


Rehearsal 11/5/17

Credo p.28

So we did so well on the first run through we decided we didn’t need to rehearse anymore. Not! 

OK so not quite true… but after 50 minutes bashing through phrase by phrase we were definitely getting the shape of it! 

The Shower -Elgar

 Generally straight forwards… apart from the altos and tenors in bar 13. 

Pastyme with good Company-Henry Tudor

Tenors Bb on the last note until the third and final time when it’s Bnat. 

Then blue bird- Stanford 



Rehearsal Star Wars day. 


Remembered some of the feel from last time but not much more ;-). Check your falling notes in 18. Triplets were a bit laggy at full speed, and make sure you hit glo- right on the nose in 16

Make the most of your accent in 34 to get the surround sound effect. You’re going to spend some time checking your notes in 109-110


All sounding pretty tidy this week after a fairbdo more work. 


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