Rehearsal 16th November

Once in royal G p.100

Descant to be photocopied. Choir only v1 thereafter 1000 audience members

God rest you merry G p.29

V1 unison

V2-4 harmony

V5 as marked.

O little town G p.92

V1-3 harmony, descant for ladies who can in v4

Sussex carol G p.42

As written

Ding dong G p.29

Bethlehem down B p.12

This one is a bit more tricky and not as easy as it looks at first.

O magnum Mysterium B p.129

Absolutely lush!

Tomorrow shall be B p.224

Ave Maria

Middle section from 21 where it gets faster and faster is very laboured. Too low and too slow. Need to get heads up and watch and keep up!

Hark the Herald G p.39

What sweeter music

Please focus on the Ave Maria during the week.


Rehearsal 2/11/17

What sweeter music – Rutter

Whole piece is pretty rubato so watch out for tempo changes: watch! Need to get some breathing markings but broadly going with the punctuation! 

Bullard- Gabriel’s message p.44

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day – Noël p.224

Suffice it to say if you don’t know this you’re in for a rough ride. Well worth finding a recording and getting your head round it because you can’t read the notes and underlay quick enough to sing it! Enjoy. Sops and tenors split first and seconds p.229. 

Ave Maria – Łukaszewski

So sing your normal parts but they’re not arranged as usual. The marked (n) is a closed n; change to this half for the second beat. 


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