Rehearsal 17/1/19

Time is endless

Some Errors: In 59 tie the poor to one syllable. “Days” in 14 and crochet minim for “ages” in 18

Underlay needs working out from

92. Spent a while practising the intervals to find the entry in 78. Entry to 34 also proved interesting 😉

Well that was a bit weird but rather lovely!

Surge illuminare, Jerusalem

Sung in two choirs as per the Dove.

Passage from 27 is darker in tone. And then jubilant again from 41.

Starting f and mp from darker section in 27.


Rehearsal 10/1/19

Blue book

P. 300 Psalm 100.

Apparently we’ve done this before but not for a very long time. Just because it’s German, don’t forget to put some shape in the phrases!

78-79 proved a bit tricky; watch the modulation between ChI and ChII.

Slight break at the comma in 88.

At timing change in 68 note that minim beat becomes a whole bar.

Ave Maria – Busto.

Cresc from 17. Particularly going into p2. You need to watch as there is a lot of expression here.

Music of stillness – Hagenberg



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